Thursday, July 21, 2016

Holo Promises

The new MOSFETs arrived and I soldered one in to the prototype Holocircuit. The load sharing works now. It switches to battery when removed from USB, and according to the charge indicator light it is disconnecting the battery from the load during USB operation.

I still have to write the new software and find out if customizing can really be done with the small trio of buttons. And swap out the indicators for dimmer LEDs. I'm pretty tempted to rework the board for smaller components. Aside from the MOSFET and the Schottkey diode, I'm using the largest surface mount available. Now that I've seen the board, and assembled it, I have a better idea of the margins I need for clearances and so forth -- I can compact everything considerably.

Also made up artwork for the diffusion layer, finally. But even though the "bramble" artwork looks very nice, my heart was set on the "timelord" look, and that's still in the early stages on my drawing board.

Not getting a lot done after work, though. So unless I take a day or two off, I'll be surprised if I'm even ready for the lasers by this weekend.

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