Monday, October 21, 2013

Some Day My Prints Will Come

...And they did.

So the box from Shapeways arrived today.  Cost of the model with shipping; about fifty bucks (using the sintered Nylon-3 they call "White Soft Flexible.")
 Cut the pieces from the sprue with diagonal cutters, and tried a rough assembly.  All the parts fit, and there wasn't any significant warpage.

As it turns out, I needn't have worried about the fit of the "socket" on the wheels; at that scale, it is going to be eyeball and a blob of glue anyhow.

And the turret is plenty generous.  I might even shrink that tolerance a little.
And here it is, rough-fit (omitted the undercarriage and just balanced it on the wheels instead.)  As you can see, some details got dropped/filled in.  The only really objectionable part, though, is the stair-stepping on the rear of the hull.  This is inevitable when combining a gently sloped surface with the 0.12mm print head motion.

For reference, this is a "hero" render of the actual model (note; this is with all edges beveled to reveal the actual polygons better.  Ordinary renders would smooth out the curves instead.)

So what is next for this model?  Well, a few minor modifications to improve the print -- which is currently being offered for sale at my Shapeways store.

And the Poser version, which is taking a long time; I had to throw out most of the hull thickness so as to permit working vision blocks and opening doors.  And although the details are a bit too fine to print properly in the material of choice, they are not quite fine enough for the Poserverse -- I need to replace hinges and latches with more detailed ones, and the vision blocks need to be completely rebuilt.  Not to mention, you know, interior detail!

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