Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Slowing down from 90

Worked a 90-hour week last week what with tech and two different shows performing, plus change-over, plus the usual ongoing show maintenance.  Might have been a little less, might have been more; all of it was contract so I didn't keep an actual time card.  But most of the days were 9 AM to 12 PM with maybe half hour to eat once in the middle, so....

Was expecting to collapse when it was over but it hasn't happened yet.  Although today was a little less things accomplished.  Yesterday I deposited checks, dropped off mail, did laundry, read half of the Reaper manual, went to the gym, cleaned the bathroom, replaced the shower curtain, repaired a futon cover, shopped for tools and updated my blog.  Today I had one meeting (well, it was a two-hour one), cleaned the refrigerator, bought groceries, pulled the radiator fan from my car tested it and ordered a new motor online...but otherwise rested.

I still feel pretty good.  If I could just hold on to the kind of productivity I had last week, I might actually get something done every now and then.

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