Friday, January 11, 2013

Speaking Common(s)

All of my work here falls under Creative Commons.  By putting up a circuit diagram or a chunk of code of mine in this blog I make the implicit statement that you may freely use it in your own projects.

The only caveat is that not all of the images are mine.  I also refer to other creative properties (such as, say, "The Sound of Music,") and whatever my Creative Commons stance is, I can not give away any rights to the characters or story therein.  Same goes for third-party cartoons (I have included cartoons by Gary Larson and Ben Edlund within these pages), and other creative material.

A specific case is the Morrow Project CBR and Med Kit.  "The Morrow Project" is a copyright and trademarked creation, and I have no right to give away any element of the story, any name used within or term created specifically for it, or graphics created by the original artists.

I do, however, have the rights to my own depiction of the CBR and Med Kit.  These I make freely available, along with all circuit diagrams, software, graphics created for, graphic depictions of (including the photographs of the props I created) and 3d meshes.

I retain full rights to the same materials.  You can make your own, you can use my photographs in a blog or in a book, you can take my mesh and make a pepakura and make that available.  You can even chose to sell it.  I would prefer you credit me, and I would prefer you respect the Commons by making any derivative work as freely available as the original, but that is not a legal requirement.  The only thing I hold is that no use or derivative work will ever prevent me from being able to make whatever use of my own designs and work I may chose to in the future.

This will be the stance of this blog into the foreseeable future as well.  I will make a stronger attempt to clearly label all resources which are not uniquely mine.  Any other diagram, photograph, software snippet, explanatory text, or sound sample may be reproduced, copied to other media, and used personally or commercially, except in any future case where I specifically indicate otherwise.

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