Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Pictures on the Morrow

Costello: Look, You gotta pitcher on this team?
Abbott: Sure.
Costello: The pitcher's name?
Abbott: Tomorrow.
Costello: You don't want to tell me today?
Abbott: I'm telling you now.
Costello: Then go ahead.
Abbott: Tomorrow!
Costello: What time?
Abbott: What time what?
Costello: What time tomorrow are you gonna tell me who's pitching?
Abbott: Now listen. Who is not pitching.

 No, seriously.  I have better pictures today.  I hope.  Shapeways just sent me a tracking number, though, so with any luck I'll be able to replace those stand-in knobs, stuff the final electronics inside, and fasten down the lids properly.

Incidentally, now that the cat is out of the bag, the capacitance sensor on the CBR triggers the "injector" light to pretend to give a dose of Universal Antidote (not to be confused with Universal Antibody).  There's a vibration motor in there, and in my original tests made for a nice joy-buzzer effect.  Alas, in the final configuration you can hear the vibration more than you can feel it.

The Medkit is making use of a cheap one-shot sound chip I wished I had bought more of when I saw it at All Electronics.  Like the venerable Radio Shack board, it lets you record a sample and play it back on a press of a button.  What I did for this one, is clipped a pair of leads to the microphone connection, attached the other end to my laptop, and played a sample off my sound effects collection on an endless loop.  The sound is that of a SCUBA diver underwater, and I got lucky with when I hit the "Record" button because it is a great, slightly-mechanical sloshing/bubbling sort of sound.  For whatever weird thing is actually inside that Medkit!

The chip is a 4.5v supply, the VFD requires at least 9v, so there is a pack of AA's plus a 9v transistor packed away inside there.  Plus the speaker, and the circuit board with the 555 on it.

Anyhow.  Rest of today's pics:

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