Thursday, December 27, 2012


What's even more dangerously sticky than fresh superglue?  A supermagnet dipped in superglue!

I've been fastening the tops down on the Morrow Project boxes.  By attaching small neodymium magnets to the cases and bits of stainless steel to the lids.  With cyanoacrylate glue.  As I was attaching one, it flipped around on the tweezers, smearing them with fresh sticks-to-everything glue.  As I carefully wedged it free with wooden tools, it flew across the desk to grab on to the permanent magnet of the installed speaker.  In trying to remove it, I broke the tip of an X-acto knife and the broken tip struck me in the eyelid! 

NOT safe.  This is the sort of thing that should really be done with goggles at least, plus gloves, good light and ventilation, and plenty of sleep too.

Today was also the day to finish off the code.  And work with the water-slide decals.  So... my printer wouldn't make a clean job of it.  Neither of the copy shops I tried had anything that could work with inkjet paper.  My friend's printer wouldn't feed the thick paper.  Finally we got a set printed.  The first smeared into a mess despite a coat of Krylon Crystal-Clear.  The second came apart (and also showed signs of smearing) despite a coat of Blair Spray Fix.  The third I hit with three heavy coats of the Krylon and that finally worked.

Here's the artwork:

These are water-slide decals on thin sheets of polished tin (4 cm by 2 cm square). The white parts (like the letters) is exposed metal.  So far it looks pretty good.

At some point in the next few weeks, besides taking pictures of the final props, I want to write one combined post that lists the parts, gives the schematic, provides links to the 3d models, etc.  Basically, everything that I can provide electronically that would allow someone else to make one of these.

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