Saturday, October 22, 2016


I finished the Stolen B prototype today and opened up the thread at the RPF to start taking orders.

(Top image is the completed "Stolen B," including a prototype assembly of the final lighting diffusor, support structure, and circuit with USB jack. Bottom image is a mock-up using borrowed "Temple" shell and the lighting module from the "Stolen B" to show off the combination of "Guardian" diffusion and "Gallifrey" circuit layers.)

The above is also why I spent a few minutes today developing a BOM with parts numbers just so I could keep track of all the pieces properly. Here's the BOM for the design I've been showing off in earlier posts:

20.1 “Stolen A," assembled
0.1.31 “Stolen” shell set Top Side (3 pieces) USB Side Bottom
0.1.41 “Counselor” diffusion set Diffuse top Diffuse side (3 pieces) Diffuse side USB Diffuse bottom
0.1.51 “Circuit 2” set (6 pieces)
0.1.61 “Standard” diffusion cube set diffusion cube top diffusion cube side (4 pieces)
0.1.62 Support set support top support side (4 pieces)
0.1.71 “Revision 3” electronics package “Revision 2” neopixel board USB jack Standard LiPo Capsense wire Magnet (4 pieces)

Tomorrow I'll probably solder up another couple boards, and scrounge and adapt from my discards pile to complete the "Temple," "Stolen A," and "Imperial Archives" prototypes. I need two Holocron gifts so at least two of those are going away (I can't see those particular ones, as they don't quite meet my standards for shippable product.)

Yes...working at a company that makes precision audio equipment has tainted me. I think in terms of QA and Reliability Testing and BOMs and MAI's now. But I need to; despite my original intention of making the cheapest possible kit that was also as smooth and simple to assemble as I could make it, the realities of the core design elements of the "Stolen" fork has produced a design that has a lot of individual parts and requires a fair amount of finicky work to assemble.

Now all I need is to add a proper tracking system for revisions...

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