Saturday, February 6, 2016


The solstice is past and the day is lengthening again. The sky is just starting to light when I set off for work in the morning. The sun is still out when I return.

Restarted my gym membership this week (still don't know if I can afford it). Tried to do a gentle first workout, but got interested in some fun routes and flashed a V4. It was an easy V4, though. Usually, I'm sore after returning from a break like this and for three or four days I can barely move. Tried cutting that recovery shorter by doing a gentle session two days later. Maybe it worked. I'm not terribly sore right now.

Spent an evening with my dad, went to the symphony. Did laundry, purchased a new printer and did some long-delayed paperwork for another of my jobs. And on Friday following work, collapsed on the couch for a much-needed nap.

Bit by bit the Imperial Highway pieces are being patched, sanded, magnets glued in, and primed. No idea when I'll get to the other elements (ramp, tower, perhaps a damaged and collapsed section).

Ran into producer of a show I already agreed to light and a director who is thinking of using me again as well. The school tour show starts way too soon. But even before that, someone is renting my microphones and I still haven't been able to get those replacement elements wired up. So I need to break off on other projects real soon and deal with those.

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