Saturday, July 18, 2015

Carrying Buckets

Still no luck in finding work for the month. All I want is a little hourly to put me over the hill. All I've been finding is stuff that's a two-hour drive away...even if my car was up to it (which it isn't, without some likely expensive repairs).

The horrible thing is that sort of worry always makes me slow down myself. I have less appetite, less energy, and thus I move slower on the stuff I could be doing to make a little extra cash. I have people ready to order a Holocron now, but it is taking forever to prep the new graphics, schedule the laser sessions, and assemble a sample of the latest version.

I feel frozen on the Raygun also; main parts are at the printer now, and I can't keep from feeling like I want them in my hands before I solder up the electronics. Or more, schedule the machine time to cut/print the rest of the pieces. Doesn't help that I keep running into those minor niggling expenses...a new end mill here, some spray paint there, all of which I have trouble keeping myself from putting off...because of course I'm worried about not having work!

So I took a break, and finally pushed through the last "Prague" chapter of my Tomb Raider story.

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