Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another annoying day

I knew I couldn't finish the Space Helmet today. But I was hoping to get down to the point where little but the oxygen canister (which will require a TechShop visit) was left to do.

Set up my beloved but sadly under-utilized Bernina and put on all the straps. The pack is a little tight, and the mask straps look a little weird. Works, though. The hose is quite uncomfortable, though, and it only barely fits under the helmet, and all in all I think it may be a better solution to add a hose connection to the helmet instead.

I also may run out for more webbing and re-do the pack. But other than that and the canister, it is just detail painting left. Unfortunately I'm going into a show in the City followed immediately by a load-in in town followed immediately by another show in the City. Busy times.

In fact, it looks like I might actually make rent not just this month, but the next. Each month, heck, each bill, I've been surprised to make. And made only through last-minute work, loans, and outright gifts. Every now and then I think if I could just get my head a little further above water, the props business would start to pick up serious slack. Which is why I've been pushing so hard with the holocrons. But the rest of the time, I am not so certain.

Times like today, when nothing quite fit or looked right. And even the lentils I put on the stove never quite decided to thaw out into soup.

(And, yeah, doesn't help that I'm only ten bucks shy of making the upcoming TechShop membership. Drat them for raising it $25 this month! There's an equipment rental past due, and a guy I'll be seeing at the next gig who owes me fifty bucks...but I don't see him until the day after my membership is due!)

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