Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Perfect Storm

There's a renter that comes into my usual theater space every December. We typically have 3-5 technicians on our overhire list, so we split up the shifts to cover the gig. This year, there's just me, and I've got the entire thing. My hours from Sunday were 14, 13, 12...and then a mere 6 (plus two hours in a meeting across town on another show).

Over the same period that protests have been marching through town tying up traffic, breaking windows, setting fires, and attracting news helicopters that sit over our apartment loudly clattering away until the wee hours of the morning.

The protests finally a record-breaking storm moved in, rattling windows all night, knocking down power lines, and flooding half the streets.

That's a twelve-hour shift of climbing ladders, by the by, with maybe fifteen minutes to grab a bite (no lunch or dinner break). And then little sleep due to riots and weather. And little food due to being almost broke.

And you know what? I feel great.

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