Thursday, October 2, 2014

I bought a prop today oh boy

Back when I was young I somehow managed to acquire the AMT "Star Trek Exploration Kit"; a plastic model kit for the phaser, tricorder, and communicator in roughly 2/3 scale. I actually put tiny buttons and LEDs in the communicator but it was a bit beyond me to stick a tone generator in the remaining space.

Later, at one of the big conventions, I picked up a 1/2 scale "Life Clock" in cast resin.

And that I think is it for actual television or movie replica props. Sure, I've collected a few patches and lanters and so forth here and there. But these were more generically historic replicas, not specific to any one movie or television show.

Which makes it odd that for the last couple of years I've been involved in the replica prop community, and have personally contributed twenty-six of the pulse rifle grenades from "Aliens" back to the community. And I'm now simultaneously in the planning stages of a Commando Cody ray gun, and the gun used by Jubal Early on the television show "Firefly."

Well, today, I joined the community properly. Entertainment Earth had TOS phasers on sale for $14 and I picked one up. (Considering the Pachy's alone for the Jubal Early cost $28 -- also on sale -- I don't think that's too much of a splurge!)

I also have a pot-metal flintlock pistol at the moment, to help me to generate sensor data for the "Trigger Finger" project. Another thing I really want to complete and get out there as a purchasable kit.

(Meanwhile I'm learning Fusion 360, I finally set up my Behringer 61-key controller and am trying to recover what little piano-playing skill I once had, and, oh yes, the first musical of this season is going into tech in another three weeks.)

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