Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Maybe I should get some bitcoins now

I have $56 credit in my Renderosity store, $19 credit in my Shapeways store, and $144 in my PayPal account courtesy of M40 grenade sales at the RPF. But I also just dropped $50 at Amazon for Pachmyers and a bottle of gun blue.

At some point I need to put some bucks down for a couple of larger chunks of aluminium. Slabs for the Jubal Early. And a big chunk of cylinder if I get the go-ahead to lathe up the flash hider for a Commando Cody.

I haven't entirely given up on the KP/-31; if I can just grind enough slag off the lugs to where they will function again, it might just be possible to make the welding alternative work. Especially since I discovered I have access to a wire welder (one of the el cheapo boxes, without even the external reels and gas fitting).

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