Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Little 3d

"Little" as in 1:6 scale --

This is a mesh from my upcoming Poser set, printed out in the "Frosted Detail" material, aka a UV-hardened acrylic polymer printed with the MJM process.

The legs and shipping plugs are press-fit and allow a limited amount of posing -- when I decide on the final pose I'll put a few drops of glue on them.

The coins, incidentally, are 1-baht from Thailand. I keep a little pocket change from everywhere I've visited.

Meanwhile, the grenades are rolling off the lathe. This is from early last week, before I went in and finished the four bodies you see there, painted up the top of the second solid-body, and shipped them all off to customers.

Since someone at the RPF finally asked, I've been painting up caps (and solid-bodies) in the three colors seen in the actual movie (blue shows up on a couple of uniforms, and there's one green in the scene in the control room when Newt picks it up).

Actually, according to third-party documentation, the HEAP and "Bounding Betty" types are supposed to have different-shaped safety caps. Me, I'd have more than color to distinguish one from the other, because you might be trying to fumble one off your web gear in the dark.

(Plus, and this is a mistake you wouldn't expect from Cameron, blue should really, really be reserved for training and simulation materials. And reserved, too, for that specific powder blue that indicates inert dummy rounds.)

In any case, molding custom caps would be a pain, printing wouldn't work well (smaller tapers and gentle curves suffer from stair-stepping), so that kind of leaves injection molding. Which I technically could do, since TechShop has both injection molding machine and the CNC mill to cut the molds with.

But I'm going to put my energies on learning powder coating instead.

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