Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I've been turning more prop grenades for people at the Replica Props Forum.

Hosed around today until there was barely enough time left to be worth reserving a lathe. Did so, raced out to the city, and the lathe I'd reserved turned out to be out of service. Switched to the other, which left only three hours until the next reserved user came on. Worked, cleaned up, was out the door in enough time to go to dinner...not that the other guy ever showed up. Whatever.

Cut two bodies in that time. Second one I was seeing how much metal I could hog out in one pass -- everything to make the process a little faster. Cut too deep, and fluffed around for a while before I realized the difference between .790 (the aimed for final dimension) and .782 (what I'd accidentally went to) was less than a HUNDREDTH of an inch. Perspective again. Nobody is going to notice that.

And it was a good mistake to make, because while I was fluffing around wondering if it was worth trying to save that one, I set up for the next cuts out of order. And that turns out to be a more streamlined way of making the things in the first place. Even with that delay, the second body took only 45 minutes. Means I probably can get two grenades finished each time I spend the afternoon in the shop.

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