Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Instructables Soon

I'm in tech, and more. I've been putting off major repairs at the theater because I always had my personal mics to fall back on. But not this show; someone is renting them opening weekend. So I had to finish up comprehensive inventory and get some of the long put-off repairs done. AND get my own set of mics cleaned and tested and repaired as well.

And the current show has a brass band (which is not as much a problem as it might have been) and a full-stage rake (which is a much worse problem than expected). So it is a tough show to engineer, but once we are open it should be a lightweight gig.

Of course I can't put off everything else until then. So despite being in tech, I'm working on several prop projects. The Holocron is coming along; been priming and sanding the outer shell, and I tested the next level of integration on the electronics. There will be an Instructable on that build once I'm done.

The latest V150 arrived from Shapeways, as did the 1:6 scale print I did of the Claymore Mine I modeled recently. Which is very cute, and I'll have pictures once I've finished painting it.

And the metal arrived for my Aliens grenades, as well as the first shipment of plastic end caps. Which may or may not work; looking at the detailed drawings, I may need to order the next size up. As well as the right sized cut-off bit from McMaster-Carr!

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