Saturday, December 28, 2013

Counting Computers

I'm writing this on a MacBook Pro, which is set up in front of (and partially blocking) the "Gigabit Ethernet" (aka old G4) tower I'm trying to phase out. Unfortunately the latter machine still has most of my password chains and bookmarks on it, as well as some applications that won't run on the newer machines. To my right is a white iBook set up as a CD player, playing out of some cheap Radio Shack speakers I picked up for spot sound effects playback on "Drowsy Chaperone." Playing Yuko Hara now, but on the stack of CDs (MAN IN CHAIR: "Yes, CDs!") are several that I transferred from cassette tape. And at least one of those was in turn taped off a record! (Yes -- I hold on to music a long time).

I was doing this transfer process on the Al Powerbook, which is the one I usually leave at the theater for QLab playback (I'll likely be loaning it out next week for just that). Unfortunately it has a bad optical drive and the Al is even worse to take apart than the Ti. And I have to save the optical drive on the Ti, because that George Washington's Hatchet of a machine (every part on it has been replaced at least once: other than that, it is the same Powerbook I've had for ten years) contains my only full working directory of sound effects and spot music.

At least I've finally retired the Wallstreet (G3 Powerbook), which I was keeping around as the only machine that could talk to my old 11x15" scanner. And the Kaypro IIx is only staying around as a conversation piece, it being the first computer I ever owned (back in 1985).

Now, if you started counting AVRs, I have a dozen micros wandering around that I've written software for and that do various small useful things...

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