Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Robot Requium

The show is over.  I never got video of the robot in operation, and the pictures I took during closing weekend didn't come out that well.  Here's the best I have:

It survived the run, however.  It got kicked several times, collected some dents, and even got smacked during curtain call -- knocking the eyes out of alignment.  It missed its entrance only thrice, tho; once when they snapped the antenna off the transmitter, once when the connector to the battery broke inside, and once when I foolishly left the power switch on after repairing the connector thus draining the battery.   Seeing how it got knocked around I'm just as happy I never added a servo to the eyes!  I did add color-change software to the eye light controller but the actor operating them never did push the button...

I'm going to try this week to get a couple better pictures -- the show is over but the set doesn't get struck until next weekend.  If I do, I'll put them in this post.

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