Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Big Prop

I'd forgotten one of the reasons I migrated here: that was to be able to post explanatory pictures.

Well, to inaugurate the audio-visual aspect of this presentation, a picture of the prop that has been taking all my spare time for almost two months.

This is the Fury Gun (well, actually, this is a picture from a couple days ago, prior to the final touch-up and the sights!) A 1930's Pulp Adventure 45mm double-barreled break-open grenade launcher.

It is a practical prop; largely metal, using some actual gun parts (like the pistol grip and the butt stock). Pressure on the forend unlatches the barrels which pivot open for re-loading. The pistol grip and butt stock can be removed for cleaning or storage. And the entire barrel and breech assembly pushes back on a buffer spring (which was a LOT of work for what turned out to be not that interesting an effect!)

Materials run the gamut; from actual gun parts to 3d printing to steel barrels and 1/8" brass tube making up the receiver and 1" black pipe adding strength to the forend, to details of Apoxie Sculpt and styrene.

The foam plastic grenade is a stand-in. The client who I made it for is making up some rounds out of plastic. I might do a couple myself...once I recover my strength!


  1. PTRD-41 triggergroup and stock I presume?
    Beautiful thing. Just lovely.

    1. It's a 1924/29 Chatellerault trigger/frame assembly. We thought about using an FG42...I think he went with the Chatellerault because of the dual triggers. Apparently it is real similar to the Russian machine gun (yeah...the Russians have a similar design, go figure!)

      I don't remember what the stock is now -- I just remember my friend saying it was German. I do know the forend is Winchester 93/97.

      Some more details of the build at Instructables:

  2. Am I the only one that read the headline as "Furry Gun" and thought, "yep, that ought to do it."