Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unlike Liberace in Every Other Way

I saw some TV show on the pianist and showman Liberace once. He was walking around one of his grand mansions, and there were pianos everywhere. Where there wasn't a piano, there was a piano keyboard theme; keyboard-pattern drapes, towels, counters, throw rugs...

Anyhow. Following a recent gift from a friend, my tiny apartment is now home to;

A 61-key Roland W30 "Sampler Workstation"
A 76-key Roland EP7 II "Digital Piano"
A 25-key M-Audio Ozone controller keyboard
A 37-(mini)key "Blue Man Group" toy keyboard
A 32-(mini)key Realistic Concertmate-500 (aka Casio sk-1 sampling keyboard)
A 32-(mini)key Sun-Mate "Melody Maker" toy keyboard
A 37-key Korg Univox Mini-Korg (analog synth, in sorry shape)

And you could probably count the non-standard 1-octave "keyboard" of my old but still surprisingly useful Yamaha QY-10.

What's really funny is I'm a lousy keyboard player.

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